BCANH HOF first class induction in November of 2019

The BCANH HOF committee is looking for help in gathering nominations and information (the form will be posted here when it is ready). We are looking at a class of 7 for the inaugural class, and 2-5 on classes after.

Below are the first hall of fame committee.



Steve Campo

James Gaj
Nashua South

Brent Demas




Joshua Coughlin
Pembroke Academy

Dennis Pellitier
John Stark


John Larsen

Matt LeBlanc         
Belmont High School  


Sam Kilelee
Hinsdale High School  

Rob Stockman


BCANH  Hall of Fame

Eligibility Criteria:

·       The length of service shall be a minimum of ten years of head coach high school baseball coaching. (All years are as a head coach)

    • Ten to twenty years of high school baseball coaching means that the nominee must be retired for a minimum of two years.

    • Over twenty years of coaching high school baseball means that the nominee must be retired for a minimum of one year.

    • Over twenty-five years is automatically eligible.

Selection Criteria:

1.    Impact on New Hampshire baseball

2.    Character

3.    Accomplishments in Coaching

4.    Class size: With the exception of the first class, there will be a max size set at 5 total per year.

Nominations can be filled out online (form will be created upon approval by the association) or emailed to

1.    Nominations may also come directly from the HOF committee.

a.    The HOF committee will have 2 representatives for each division. The President of the BCANH will only vote in the case of a tie.

b.    Committee memberships will rotate at a staggered pace (for example the first committee will have half the Division reps on for 1 year and half on for 2 years to set up consistency).

2.   Deadline:
Nomination’s  must be submitted by August 1st of every year (with the exception of the first year)

3.   Each recipient shall be notified via letter from the President (or his
assignee.) This letter shall contain the date and location of the banquet, along with a biography form that is to be returned to the sender by the 2nd  Saturday in October.


-       We will host an awards dinner to celebrate the incoming HOF class.

-       We will present the HOF recipient, or their family, a plaque commemorating the accomplishment.

-       The awards dinner will be set as the second weekend of November each year.

o   Note: We are organizing the first dinner for February of 2019 in Concord.

-       There will be a cost associated with the awards dinner.

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