August 2018

 Article I – Name

Section I

 The organization shall be known as the Baseball Coaches Association of New Hampshire.  Hereafter referred to as BCANH for convenience.


Article II – Mission Statement

 The purpose of the BCANH is to unify all baseball coaches in the state of New Hampshire, to promote school baseball, to create an official line of communication with the NHIAA, to foster higher standards of professionalism and ethics, and to maintain a strong contact with national, state, and local coaches’ organizations of baseball.


Article III – Membership

 Section I

 a)     Membership in the BCANH shall be open to all high school coaches on any level within the state upon payment of dues.  One dues payment to the BCANH allows all coaches affiliated with that school to become members.

b)    Only members in good standing of BCANH may be involved with the selection for the All-State Teams, awards, and any association business.

c)     Each school with current member(s) will have one vote on BCANH matters.


Article IV – Officers

 Section I – Titles

Officers of the BCANH shall consist of a President, Vice-President, and Division Representatives.

Section II – Duties of the President

The President shall preside over and schedule all meetings of the BCANH; appoint all committees; and ensure that all rules, regulations, and events of the BCANH are executed in a timely and appropriate manner. They must also maintain the association website as completely as possible. As well as association histories and records.

The President shall act as custodian of all funds of the BCANH and pay all bills and association expenses.

 Section III – Duties of the Vice-President

 The duties of the Vice-President shall be, in the absence of the President, to exercise the duties of that office.
The VP will also be in charge of the BCANH Scholarship program.

 Section IV – Duties of the Division Representatives

 The President of the BCANH will appoint the Division Representatives.  Their duties will include participation in BCANH business during the course of the year.

 Section IV– Election of Officers

a)  All officers of the BCANH shall be selected by the majority vote of    those active members present at the annual business meeting.

b)  Any current member may be considered for a role.


Article V- Dues

 a)     The annual dues of membership shall be $50.00, which will enroll said members in the BCANH. 

b)     Dues will be payable at any point before the All-State meeting to the BCANH.

c)     Membership in the BCANH will be annually from annual meeting to annual meeting.


Article VII – Meetings

 Section I – All-State Annual Meeting

 The All-State Annual Meeting will be held on the first Sunday following the conclusion of the regular season. The location shall be at a time and place determined by the president.

 Section II – Any other Meetings

 The current President of the BCANH shall decide the date, time and place of any meeting to be held, with appropriate notice given to members.


Article VIII – Constitution

 Section I

 The constitution may be amended at the annual meeting of the BCANH by a two-thirds vote of the members present.


Article IX –  All-State Teams/Awards

Section I- Format

Each division will have 3 All-State teams with no more than 18 players per team. Each BCANH member coach (DI, DII, DIII and DIV) can nominate players for All State status and awards.

Coaches must be up to date on dues and present at the All-State meeting in order to nominate players for All-State/awards.

-        If a coach is unable to attend they must submit their selections- in writing- with relevant statistics to the president, or another coach in the division, no later than the Saturday before the meeting date. Failure to do so will result in loss of nomination ability and student athlete recognition.

Section II – Player Eligibility

 It is the responsibility of the school in accordance with the NHIAA, Life of the Athlete Program, and individual school’s Code of Ethics to handle issues regarding conduct and suspension.

It is the coach’s responsibility to nominate or withdraw a student-athlete for these honors based on our constitution.

 Section III- Scholarship

 The BCANH will sponsor 4 scholarships each year to go to a deserving high school baseball senior on a Varsity roster.

There shall be a scholarship committee that will be comprised of coaches from each division (5-8 coaches). The committee chair shall appoint members of this committee. The President will get a vote only in the case of a tie breaker.

Any interested baseball senior shall submit an essay based on the topic provided by the committee for consideration.

* In the case where a division does not have a representative, that scholarship shall go to a senior player in another division- as decided by the scholarship committee.

 Section IV: Hall of Fame

The BCANH will create and maintain a state Hall of Fame for baseball.  

* These bylaws were presented to the association on 8/29/2018 and approved*