underwood game


Date: June 19th, 2019, 6pm

Location: Holman Stadium

The Underwood Games are sponsored by Diamond High Performance Baseball Equipment and Adrenaline Fund Raising. The Baseball Coaches Association of New Hampshire will oversee the Showcase game. 

The Underwood Games will held on June 19th at Holman Stadium!

The Showcase will give high school players the ability to display their athletic and baseball skills to over 40 college coaches and major league baseball scouts.  

There will be a 9 inning game starting at 6pm.

If you are a junior who is on a Varsity roster for the 2019 season, please fill out this simple form located at the top of the page!



Why Players Should Attend

  • To give players the opportunity to perform and showcase specific skills to a large number of college coaches and pro scouts at one time.

  • The opportunity to have their skills (running, throwing, fielding, hitting and more) measured and evaluated by professional baseball people.

  • To help college coaches at all levels: NCAA Division I, II and III, NAIA, and junior colleges find players appropriate for their programs.


Underwood Game Form

Coaches, download the Junior Showcase Player Information form here.




Blandini, Connor           Bow

Bolton, James                Nashua North

Dingman, Jack               Londonderry

Gonya, Billy                    Pinkerton

Grassett, Jacob              Souheagan

Grimbilas, Nick            Bishop Brady

Huppe, Ryan                  Exeter

Kelly, Trevor                   Nashua North

Kennedy, Adrian            Concord

Lingadal, Varun             Nashua North

Magerer, Cam                Belmont

Manor, Reece                 Londonderry

Marique, Richard           Pinkerton

McDonough, Sean          Concord

Miles, Zach                     Concord

Theriault, Trey               Stevens

Therrien, Noah               Bishop Guertin



Kyle Harvell                    Merrimack
Zack Harris                    Nashua North
Dylan Mullin                  Bishop Guertin             



Cahoon, Duncan            Con Val

Cole, Jake                       John Stark

Demas, Garrett              Plymouth

Embree, Griffin              Belmont

Isabelle, Nathan             John Stark

Jenkins, Connor            Pinkerton

Langworthy, Hunter         Monadnock

Luongo, Zack                 Londonderry

McClendon, Stephen      Bishop Guertin

McGill, Jake                   Pinkerton

Nixon, Cam                     Pembroke

Proulx, Taylor                Bishop Guertin

Qualey, Nick                  Plymouth

Robertson, Aaron           John Stark

Silovich, Kegan              Hanover

Stockman, Kyle              Pittsfield

Sullivan, Eric                 Concord     



James Gaj                      Nashua South
Dennis Pellitier               John Stark
Chris Tilton                    Coe Brown